A downloadable #yurijam game for Windows and Mac OS X

Spirits are abandoned by a kingdom, and with that, this kingdom and its people sit unknowingly on the verge of destruction. A wanderer named Mica finds her way into this kingdom without spirits, and is pulled into a new adventure by Cyrille, a woman who is determined to find a way to rekindle the bond between man and spirit.

Together–and with others that they meet along the way–they navigate through the kingdom to unearth its secrets, in hopes to reverse the doom that is quickly approaching the kingdom.

Inspirited is a fantasy adventure visual novel with RPG elements! The story has several different endings with five different girls. The demo for Inspirited was completed for Yuri Game Jam 2016 and is available for download! The full release is slated for December 31st.

Demo Features

  • Town and Dungeon Exploration
  • Turn-Based Battles
  • Preview of Two Possible Routes

Content Warning

  • Some screen shake and flashes

Team Picoburger

Keep up with our progress here!
  • tumblr [devlog writeups by shunao]
  • imgur [gif pile/commentary by radiostarkiller]

More information

Published48 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X
TagsJRPG, RPGMaker, Visual Novel, yuri
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

Unzip the Demo folder, and click on Game to start the game!


Inspirited Demo - Windows
Inspirited Demo - Mac OSX


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Do you have an ETA for the full game?

Hey there! At this time, we're aiming for December 31st for the full release, but that date may be subject to change.

I'll wait for it impatiently!

Haha, we're hyped to get this project done as soon as we can, too! We'll be putting some progress updates on here if you're interested. :D

Is this game going to be released on Steam?

At the moment, we're not certain, but it's a consideration! We'll keep progress posted on here in the meantime. :)